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Blessings to all the brave souls entering the world today. Thanks to @veganmammaveganpappa for this beautiful shot 🙏❤️ blankets available at - all funds help build Entheon Sanctuary of Visionary Art 🙏❤️ @chapelofsacredmirrors
Spiritual liberation is an ocean of Love. Each being is a spring, stream, or rivulet that journeys toward the ocean. A powerful river is made by many streams. The community is a river. Join the river. Remember the ocean and joyfully flow toward it. Help us Open the Doors to Entheon. Engage in a righteous task putting effort into something good that will serve an ongoing community. Thank you for your ongoing support. We couldn't do this without you. Lead the Way, Donate Today >> @chapelofsacredmirrors Video Edit by T.J. Squires @teej_vision Music by: @tippermusic O.A.M. (Peter Squires @captainpeter88) Cinematography by: John Harris @aureusveritas Shay Motion, @shaymotionfilms Jerome WJ Coffey @jwjcoffey Jeff Willson Jon Ohia @jonohia T.j. Squires @teej_vision Animation | Visuals by: Ryan Tottle @ryantottleart Mo Caicedo @mocaiced0 Edward Dawson-Taylor @edawsontaylor Juan Carlos Vidal Marco Gajardo T.j. Squires @teej_vision Special Thanks to @theevolverpodcast #buildenthon #openentheon #sanctuaryofvisionaryart #templebuilding #CoSM #chapelofsacredmirrors #visionaryartmovement #visionaryart #community #alexgrey #allysongrey #Entheon #nonprofit #campaign #fineart #mysticsm #transcendance #spirituality #spiritualmovement
While at CoSM be sure to visit the Mushroom Cafe. You will find a remarkable work of collaborative muraling including over two dozen visionary artists. Bemushroomed Goddess Lauren @lo_a.n.d_behold by John Shook @diverse_medium - also thankyou John for this photo - in front of Cafe wall mural by Burgundy Viscosi @burgandyviscosi with tripping elves by Chris Dyer @chris_dyer additional elements by Adam Scott Miller @adamscottmiller Thank you to all the artists and staff who make the Mushroom Cafe so cool. @chapelofsacredmirrors
So many wonderful friends came out last night to kick off the Summer Solstice celebrations. Yaima @yaimamusic uplifted and a beautiful mushroom lady @lo_a.n.d_behold mysteriously appeared painted by John Shook @diverse_medium and awesome painters Autumn Skye @autumnskyeart and Rosie @illuminatedrose The music was so beautiful @saqimusic thank you to all the community who came to celebrate the light & love through creativity. @allysongreycosm @chapelofsacredmirrors
As the sun emerges from the horizon, inflaming the world with living color, sharp orange and pink on the cloud—the artist's soul is like that. . Featured art: "Holy Spirit" by Alex Grey, 1998, acrylic on wood panel.
Come celebrate summer with us at the @chapelofsacredmirrors. Ceremony begins at 7 pm followed by music, live painting, and more. Limited Tickets will be available at the door. See you tonight! . @allysongreycosm, @illuminatedrose, @sweet_melis, @autumnskyeart @andrew.norris.arts
Happy Summer Solstice 2019! Infinite gratitude for life in the light of the longest day. Albert Hofmann once said, “Love is the highest refinement of Starlight.” May your inner sun shine today. Come to the Summer Solstice celebration at CoSM Saturday evening, Allyson and I review Sun ceremonies from around the world. There will be great live painters and musicians and it all contributes to building Entheon Sanctuary of Visionary Art! Thank you community and see you soon! 🙏❤️ @chapelofsacredmirrors @allysongreycosm
So fun seeing Jen Stark’s amazing new work at her opening last night. Cool innovation of paintings activated by her projected animations. Congratulations to Jen a visionary lightworker!!! Happy Summer Solstice, longest day, triumph of the light. @jenstark @joshualinergallery 💛💛💛
Thank you Joe, our mason, for the glass block light in Entheon. There will eventually be a stained glass design over this area in the Psychedelic Reliquary. Joe is also placing rocks on a wall to integrate the patio of Entheon with the building. Every little job gets us closer to having an enduring Sanctuary of Visionary Art. Thank you to everyone who has contributed over the past few years as we work toward the opening of Entheon. Still so much to do, installing elevator and finishing bathrooms, building cases and registration desk. We won’t be able to open until expensive paving is done for driveway and parking lot. If you wish to help check out 🙏❤️ 📷 @dj-marquis
May we the children learn to create together a more truthful, just, beautiful world. May we become more truthful, just, and beautiful people. Help us to dissolve the rigidity in our character, To flow with love more fully, To embrace the Divine Communion, Soul to Soul, of every being alive. . Feature art: "Power to the Peaceful," by Alex Grey, 2005, acrylic on wood.
Creator of the Universe, How infinite and astonishing Are your worlds. Thank you For your Sacred Art And sustaining Presence. . Divine Imagination, Forgive my blindness, Open all my Eyes. Reveal the Light of Truth. Let original Beauty Guide my every stroke. . Universal Creativity, Flow through me, From my heart Through my mind to my hand. Infuse my work with Spirit To feed hungry souls. . Artist's Prayer, from Art Psalms, by Alex Grey . Available >> link in bio . . #artpsalms #artistsprayer #art #artwisdom #belovenow #entheon #visionaryart #visionarypoetry #cosm #chapelofsacredmirrors
Check out this interview with Allyson & Frank from @metal_injection! . View the full interview by visiting the bio link
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