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Endless gratitude for our only home Earth. May we awaken to the divinity of Nature and save our only home and lifeweb, imagining and implementing sustainable strategies worldwide for tackling climate change and bioremediation. Earthday 2007 was our first visit to the magical land of CoSM. Allyson and I knew it was “the place” immediately - ten feet in the driveway. Hadn’t seen anything yet. Just knew and watched as turkeys mated before us in the driveway. At CoSM we have initiated a Permaculture program with Delvin Solkinson a master instructor who has studied the land here for years. Come learn from Nature’s lessons with him @visionary_permaculture
A hero bows down, kneeling with arms upraised in prayerful praise to Earth Mother. Atlas invites us to confront the gravity of our relationship with the planet. Available as a Limited Edtion, Signed & Numbered Fine Art Print by, Alex Grey 10% OFF TODAY ONLY! Special earth day offerings happening now in the CoSM Shop! Shop>> Video by: @teej_vision Music: “Ishma” by @simonhaiduk
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Happy Easter! . Featured art: "Christ with an Interfaith Heart" by Alex Grey, 1999 acrylic on paper.
✨The 7 Lights of Cannabis Wisdom✨ 1. THE LIGHT OF UTILITY Cannabis is nature’s most useful plant, providing hemp fibers for clothing, rope, hemp paper, hemp oil, hemp plastics stronger than steel. . . 2. THE LIGHT OF SEXUALITY The increased sensitivity and aphrodisiacal qualities of cannabis inebriation are undeniable. . . 3. THE LIGHT OF HEALTH The numerous medical applications of cannabis for healing and hemp powder as a complete food are a boon for the body. . . 4. THE LIGHT OF LOVE Cannabis opens the heart and sensitizes us to others. . . 5. THE LIGHT OF POETRY Cannabis allows the flowing tongues of bards contact with new modes of knowing and speaking. . . 6. THE LIGHT OF VISION Opening of the third eye allows the artist in everyone access to the Divine Imagination. . . 7. THE LIGHT OF GOD Ganja smoking Babas, Rastafari, and many others regard cannabis as a sacrament opening us to the highest creative source, allowing us to realize WE ARE THE LIGHT.
Did you know that George Washington, was a hemp farmer? 10% OFF this print, today only, to celebrate 4/20. Special offerings happening all weekend long in the High Art Collection! >> Comment below with your 4/20 fun facts! . . Video by @teej_vision Music by @sekayapapaya . #420 #cannabis #cannabiscommunity #cannabisculture #marijuana #cbd #medicine #hemp #joerogan #visionaryart #visionary #alexgrey #alexgreyart
Good Friday on 4/19. I painted Purple Jesus back in 1987 and unbeknownst to me it became the background for a blotter popular at Grateful Dead concerts. Tim Leary signed some also unbeknownst to me but later I got to meet him at one of my art exhibits. Dr. Leary was the student advisor for Walter Pahnke at Harvard in 1962. The Good Friday experiment was when Pahnke conducted the first Mystical Experience study using psilocybin. This breakthrough study led to many similar studies at Johns Hopkins University and NYU that are helping people recover from PTSD, addiction and depression with psychedelic therapies. Come to CoSM tonight and meet Dr. Anthony Bossis of the NYU Psilocybin studies.
"Love is the highest refinement of starlight." —Dr. Albert Hofmann Happy Bicycle Day friends. New fine art prints are available now in the CoSM Shop. Limited edition of 419. 🚲 Shop here >> LINK IN BIO Proceeds support CoSM and the building of Entheon: Sanctuary of Visionary Art. Video Edited by @teej_vision Music: "Blue Canvas" by @simonhaidukart Vocals by:
A well-lit soulfire can burn away obstacles to the Divine for thousands of years. . Featured art: "Holy fire panel II" by Alex Grey, 1986-87, oil on linen.
On this day in 1943, swiss chemist, Dr. Albert Hoffman, became the first person to learn of the psychedelic effects of lysergic acid diethylamide. A few days later he would embark on a wild bicycle ride... . Come to CoSM on Friday for a very special Bicycle Day discussion on the Mystical Experience and Psychedelic Therapy. Co-hosted with @allysongreycosm and Anthony Bossis, Ph.D. Learn more at . Featured art: "Albert Hoffman and the New Eleusis (detail)" by Alex Grey, 2017, acrylic on linen.
As the woods come alive at the @chapelofsacredmirrors this Spring, we begin to notice some of our fungal friends growing on trees and rotting logs and soil along the path. Explore the lands of CoSM and investigate the native fungal landscape in a wild foray. @martinbridgeart and Alex Dorr lead a 3-day workshop on the Magic of Mushrooms May 12th - 15th. Learn more >> . . Thanks for the photos @kaitlyncreatrix . . #fungus #fungi #mushroom #plantmedicine #permaculture #ecology #mycoremediation #mushrooms #workshop #chapelofsacredmirrors
True sacred space is your luminous soul, spherical and opalescent like the full moon. . . Featured art: "Wonder: Zena Gazing at the Moon," by Alex Grey, 1996, acrylic on paper.
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