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A well-lit soulfire can burn away obstacles to the Divine for thousands of years. . Featured art: "Holy fire panel II" by Alex Grey, 1986-87, oil on linen.
On this day in 1943, swiss chemist, Dr. Albert Hoffman, became the first person to learn of the psychedelic effects of lysergic acid diethylamide. A few days later he would embark on a wild bicycle ride... . Come to CoSM on Friday for a very special Bicycle Day discussion on the Mystical Experience and Psychedelic Therapy. Co-hosted with @allysongreycosm and Anthony Bossis, Ph.D. Learn more at . Featured art: "Albert Hoffman and the New Eleusis (detail)" by Alex Grey, 2017, acrylic on linen.
As the woods come alive at the @chapelofsacredmirrors this Spring, we begin to notice some of our fungal friends growing on trees and rotting logs and soil along the path. Explore the lands of CoSM and investigate the native fungal landscape in a wild foray. @martinbridgeart and Alex Dorr lead a 3-day workshop on the Magic of Mushrooms May 12th - 15th. Learn more >> . . Thanks for the photos @kaitlyncreatrix . . #fungus #fungi #mushroom #plantmedicine #permaculture #ecology #mycoremediation #mushrooms #workshop #chapelofsacredmirrors
True sacred space is your luminous soul, spherical and opalescent like the full moon. . . Featured art: "Wonder: Zena Gazing at the Moon," by Alex Grey, 1996, acrylic on paper.
Spring is here! Mini Vision Crystal Tondos now in bloom at CoSM. Get yours today. Proceeds help build Entheon! >> LINK IN BIO . Frame made in collaboration with @danschaubdesigns
Angels are messengers of Spirit arising in the soul field of visionary imagination. Featured art: "Kiss of the Muse," by Alex Grey, 2011, acrylic on linen.
#throwbackthursday to 1992 when the painting “Prostration” was at its beginning stages... . Thanks for the video edit @teej_vision! Background music: “Departure,” by @simonhaidukart
Cannabis and Culture is the next Full Moon discussion topic on 4/20! Come to the @chapelofsacredmirrors and add your reflections... workshop includes dinner & entry into the Full Moon gathering. . Featured art: "Americannabis: George Washington Hemp Farmer," by Alex Grey, 2015, oil on linen. Limited edition, canvas prints are available here:
Happy birthday to the great @matiklarweinart, creator of some of the world's most visionary and astonishing paintings with meticulous brush strokes of genius. Mati was an inspiration to so many artists because he expressed the freedom to imagine and paint anything. Thank you Mati. . Read an essay on Mati here:
Align with Creative Spirit and let infinite Love and Beauty pour through your actions, healing all violations and uniting all polarities. Featured art: "Lightweaver," by Alex Grey, 1998, acrylic on linen
The next Art Church at the @chapelofsacredmirrors falls on Easter & Passover! Join us for Art Church to discuss our own personal freedom from bondage and hear both the story of Passover and the story of Cosmic Christ. 4/21 >>
Happy 88 Birthday to Ram Dass a pillar of wisdom, love and infinite good works who uplifts everyone. Thank you great master for your spiritual friendship and guidance to the visionary community. @babaramdass @dassima108 @chapelofsacredmirrors @allysongreycosm A Ram Dass print is available in shop @
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